Move Academy is an intensive and mind provoking week-long exploration of the diversity of movement in general and of your movement practice in particular.

Through a mix of archetypical and very diverse disciplines – from fighting to meditating – you are practically inspired to deepen your movement practice and through lectures provided with clear perspectives to navigate in the many disciplines avaiable and to view movement as something bigger and of much greater importance than just tricks, skills and new moves.

To join Move Academy it does not matter if you come as a yogi, a dancer, a curious personal trainer, a MMA fighter or whatever. What matters is your openness to depart from the disciplines you already know, to become a beginner and to have your movement practice challenged to the fullest.

The course is structured and inspired by three archetypes in The Movement Triad:

• Listen to yourself: Moving on your own with your awareness tuned towards the experiences in your own body cultivates listening and sensitivity towards your own alignment with reality. Yoga and meditations are archetypes in this area of the framework

• Connect with others: Moving in relation to other people challenges how you communicate, trust and invite the connection to happen. Acroyoga and Contact Improvisation are archetypes in this corner of the triad.

• Explore your surroundings: Moving in relation to the forms of the surrounding world adds an adaptive and interpretive dimension to your movement practice. The surrounding world can be hard, scary or soft and soothing, but in both cases sensing and adapting becomes key. Parkour is an archetype in this third corner of the triad.

Through classes, workshops, meditations and lectures you will be exposed to a multitude of movements and perspectives and step-by-step experience the great potential that lies in becoming a movement generalist rather than a specialist.


Move Academy is a residential course that takes place in ideal settings on Gerlev Sports Academy with excellent food, good housing and state of the art training facilities (lecture hall, swimming pool, dance studio, gymnastic gym, parkour park…)


The main teachers at the course are Marcus U. Grandjean (Parkour) & Jeppe Skovgaard (Acroyoga) + guest teachers.

JEPPE SKOVGAARD lives to challenge the many existing dogmas about how you move and behave – both on the escalator and on the yoga mat. With a background from parkour, a cand. merc. from Copenhagen Business School specializing in mindfulness, he is founder of Move Copenhagen and as an internationally recognized acroyoga teacher, he has been in contact with an incredible diversity of movement communities and his teaching are a product of exactly that.

MARCUS GRANDJEAN has been teaching in the art of parkour since 2007 and besides that he holds a master’s degree in human physiology, with focus on motor learning and neuroplasticity. His teaching is based around the complex movement patterns in parkour and how they affect the human body and mind.

Prices start from 3650 DKK (+ 4150 DKK after 15. September). Including five top quality meals a day, a bed and all workshops, classes during the week. There are a limited amount of tickets for sale.